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Beard Liberation Front

The Beard Liberation Front (BLF) was founded by Keith Flett, scourge of the letters pages of the nation's press, and is committed to rescuing the beard from the unfashionable doldrums to which it has been condemned in these 'cool' so-called post-modern (i.e cowardly, conformist and conservative) times.

As Flett put it: 'Beards are politically progressive. All the great revolutionary socialists had a beard. Stalin had a moustache.' We at The Flaneur could not agree more. The beard has impeccable radical credentials: think Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro, Guevara...
Now consider those to whom the beard has been anathema: the Nazi party, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, Thatcher's cabinet, IKEA...
A pattern emerges....

Today, the beard is under relentless attack from the corporate robots who have taken over the western world and subjected it to their bean-counting, target-driven, manageocratic traffic-warden-minded fascism. The future of civilisation itself is at stake. Stand up for the beard! Bring back radicalism! Vive la revolution!

We at The Flâneur believe the mere act of growing a beard radicalises a chap; simply growing one a man shifts measurably left-wards (unless it is a Jacobean job whereupon he merely starts poisoning people - which isn't very politically sound unless the victims are bean-counting, target-driven, manageocratic traffic-warden-minded fascists - see above).

Beard Liberation Front Press release.

June 15th 2007

A week of facial hair celebration starts on 25th June ------- Beard Week to highlight rogue 'beardist' employers -----

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers has said that Beard Week 2007 which runs from Monday June 25th to Saturday 30th June 2007 will highlight beardist practices by employers.

Beardism is defined as irrational prejudice against those with facial hair, and discrimination on the basis of appearance is a common feature of British workplaces, whether it be facial hair, dress or other aspects of appearance.

During the week the BLF will announce the results of a search for a hirsute BBC TV news reader and will focus on the most beard friendly employer of the year

BLF organiser Keith Flett said 'In the UK it is quite legal to sack someone with a beard. That must end'.


Monday June 25th: Start of Beard Week 2007: a celebration of positive images of the hirsute Announcement of the Hirsute Personality of 2007- the individual who has done the most to promote a positive image of the hirsute during the year.

Tuesday June 26th: Announcement of Beard Friendly Sandwich 2007: the sandwich where the salad and mayo doesn't get left in the beard.

Wednesday June 27th: Announcement of the Hirsute TV newsreader of 2007: An award designed to highlight discrimination against the hirsute at work.

Thursday June 28th Hirsute Trade Unionist of 2007. If the employers are beardists, what about the trade unionists?

Friday June 29th: Beard Friendly Employer of 2007: The employer who has done the most to welcome the hirsute in the workplace

Saturday June 30th . Announcement of the coveted Beard of Summer 2007 winner. The second of the BLF's seasonal awards that culminate in the Beard of the Year in December

See for more information.

Or contact Keith Flett's beard on 07803 167266