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Damn Bolshies

As any Anarcho-Absurdist will aver, Anarchism is the only possible political stance of the true gentleman. Indeed, the romantic dreamers and idealists among us may be forgiven for imagining a world populated entirely by civilised ladies and gentlemen in which the Anarchist utopia would be not only entirely possible but even inevitable. Regrettably, however, there are far too many who find civilised humanity an objective too far, and settle for mere baboonery - I am referring of course to yobs, gangsters, 'reality tv' afficionados, plutocrats, corporate strategic planners, traffic wardens and the like - for such imaginings to ever be more than mere will-o'-the-wisps. It is the baboons that make government a regrettable necessity. Nonetheless, even in this monkey house of a world, there are those who dream on, and we tip our toppers to AK Press, noble purveyors of the finest Anarchist literature, at More power to your collective elbows, Comrades!

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