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Exclusive to the FlanÍur

In a stunning CIA sting operation earlier today, as revealed to The FlanÍur's roving reporter Harry Splint, Special Agent Hermann Burgermeister III announced that the previously lost British monarch: Queen Victoria, has been located in a Zuerich bank vault. It's mystic, it's magical! Agent Burgermeister has provided The FlanÍur with photographic images of the operation: Queen Victoria is accompanied by her maid servant and Burgermeister III at the time of arrest. Queen Vic, as members of the underworld have commonly referred to her over the last 2000 years, has been revered as the doyen of international crime. Known as 'Diva' to her inner circle, Vic plundered India for centuries and got a billion Chinese hooked on opium. Although, police forces worldwide have been hunting her down for the last five thousand years, only recently did the CIA stumble upon an Egyptian papyrus document from the 19th dynasty which, in conjunction with expert consultancy from specialists at the British Museum, uncovered the whereabouts of this most notorious villain: 1st cousin of Alphonsus Capone.