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Every flâneur, whatever sex, age, race, creed or orientation, has by definition an enquiring mind and a thirst for culture (as well as absinthe), and will doubtless frequent the gallery and second hand bookshop (the latter with some difficulty in Liverpool now, alas) for sustenance for the mind and soul, as surely as s/he will frequent the hostelry, café and restaurant to feed the body and spirits.

But what if the flâneur wishes to actually study matters cultural, in a more formal educational manner? Surely there will be nothing on offer in this department?

Do not be so downcast so easily! Our trusty cultural attache has located the very thing!

At St Helens College, in the College of Arts, there is on offer a BA (Hons) degree, validated by Liverpool John Moores University, entitled


that seems, if such a thing were possible, designed with the discerning and enquiring culture vulture firmly in mind.

A three year full time degree course (also available part time over six years maximum) it offers a core course in such delights as Modernity and the City (in which the gentle arts of flânerie are exercised), and Cultural Theory (in which we meet old friends like Marx, Freud, Derrida, Julia Kristeva and many others).

A select à la carte menu of options is available alongside, drawn from such appetising areas as:

Art and Contexts; English Language; Literature; Media; Philosophy, Religion and Ethics; Politics; Popular Culture; Society; and the intriguingly entitled Turbulent Texts I – Abject Voices, and Turbulent Texts II – Cultures of Desire.

In addition, a dissertation or project will be undertaken, and opportunities to gain experience in the use of state-of-the-art media technologies will be available.

Employment prospects are actually rather excellent. Cultural studies graduates are more employable than those in almost any other subject except those from medicine and dentistry, entering a wide variety of careers including tourism (incidentally a bit of a boom industry on Merseyside), teaching, journalism, the arts, media and communications, advertising, museums and galleries, public and social services, not to mention the sunlit uplands of post-graduate research.

If this all sounds too mouth-watering to be true, don’t take our word for it, contact the programme leader at for more details. Further details at

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