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The Great Dessert Raid of 1882 (A Frog in the Hall of Distortions) Vol. 1

by the Rt. Hon. Quincey Riddle Esq. (2007)

In the great British tradition of genius unhinged by too much travelling in unheard-of places, Riddle's ravings make Stanley, Burton, Speke and Lawrence of Arabia sound like Listen With Mother.

Out of common humanity, we urge you treat even the smallest chapter, nay, paragraph even, with the utmost care. Like the sea, it is best dealt with by a quick dip followed by a stiff drink and a lie down.

With something here to offend almost everyone, and accompanied by his own superlative photographs of Central Asia, Riddle's epic is a monument to all those who went far too far for far too long, and never quite came back.

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ISBN: 978-0-9556290-1-3 (£13)