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Ghastly Business

Spooky goings-on in Bedfordshire?
Alien Astronauts Assault Aerial Alternator? Turbine trashed by Treen Troopship?
Windmill Walloped by other-Worldly Wayfarers?

Ghastly goings-on in Norn Irn, so thee is…

Smithills Hall

Otherworldy orbs captured by our fearless ghost-hunters Luci and Ashley at Smithills Hall, Halliwell, Bolton. Uncanny!

All Hallows - The thrice-yearly published organ of The Ghost Story Society

The Winter Solstice approaches and as Christmas is the traditional time for ghost stories, when the all-too-brief days and long, long nights suggest the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, what better time to take an aged, crumbling volume from the shelf, sit next to a crackling fire in a big old armchair, a beaker of uisge beatha at hand, and a disquieting voyage into the limitless imagination begins…

Dashed civilised Anglo-Indian cordiality extends beyond the grave...


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