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I'm here to bother you with the late night musings of my diseased, altered state, inflicted upon me by the demon weed. I have, in a sense, discovered the one word that sums up me as a person at this period in my life. It was quite a surprise to find this out as i have been using this word to describe myself for a long time but never understood just how right i was. I really like this word.

And the word is...DEGENERATE

Since watching the cinematic version, and reading the book of, Fear and loathing in las Vegas i have been i have been influenced by Hunter s Thomson in many different aspects of my life, for better of for worse this is the way it is. But Johnny depp shouting, "you degenerate swine!" to benico del Toro as DrGonzo, always cracked me up and that is just one of many uses of it in H S T's work. That's where i got it from, me and my attorney would see people on the street and say, "check that degenerate over there." after a while we started to call ourselves that, we realised that the people looking at us were probably think the same, and they were right!

I went on to and looked it up; here are the results


o Adjective/ having lost normal and desirable qualities; showing evidence of moral or physical decline.

- ORIGIN Latin degeneratus 'no longer of its kind'

I could not believe just how well this describes me! Especially when you take into account its Latin origins. I am in physical decline; the damage i am willingly doing to my body on a weekly basis does not bare thinking about. I think my liver is on strike and as for my lungs...well lets not go there.

I, like many others in this world, am a degenerate, or Degeneratus. I am no longer of my kind; i am in physical, and to be honest, moral decline. This does not sadden me because of the first question that popped into my head after learning this valuable lesson in etymology, IS THIS A BAD THING????? If you ask me this whole world is in moral and physical decline so it stands to reason that humans are to. Our 'kind' is a mass of people who are following what they 'think' is right, not what they 'know' is right. Why should i want to be of that kind, a herd of sheep? Just because thousands of people have sworn that they have seen UFO's does not mean that they are real, no matter what these people 'think' they saw. If you ask them they will tell you they seen a UFO, an 'UNIDENTIFIED' Flying Object. So they don't 'know' what the hell they saw. This is a prime example of mass hysteria, people running around shouting about aliens visiting us in little round crafts. GET A GRIP!!!!! I was a young'en back in the early nineties and believed this at first until my rational side reared it head and asked "just what do you think you are doing?" but i have an excuse as i was still young.

I for one do not want to be of this 'kind', this race of humanity that is gullible to anything that graces the mind melting box that resides in our living rooms. So i will be degeneratus, no longer of my kind and enjoy my life instead of mourning it, a by-product of this is that i become a degenerate; my indulgencies force my body into physical decline. I willingly accept this, i tip my hat to my fate and embrace it whole heartedly after all it is my body and i do not cause any physical or mental harm to others, as i am in essence a good person. But when it's all said and done i am a degenerate, the upper tier of the school of gonzo. First you must become a degeneratus, sever yourself from your 'kind' and follow the path to True Degeneracy. But keep in mind that there is a price, not a sum of money but a physical penance.

"A True Degenerate must pay the price of True Degeneracy" (the demi-god of gonzo)

Are you willing to join my ranks???
Just ask yourself "is it really a bad thing???"