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A Letter from God
(Courtesy of Dr Gonzo)

*A deeply joyful rumbling voice pours forth, filled with irony and hidden humour.*

Hello my children, I hope you are all following the paths I have set for you. It seems of late that people are losing their faith in my actions and me. Some of you are still holding true but others are falling behind. It is time I think for me to set a few things straight, a little fatherly chat if you will.

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they must sit down and discuss the big bad world with their offspring. I think it is now that time. I seem to be getting blamed for a lot these days, war, famine, serial killing, and death…now that one gets to me, death. I’m in Heaven! I ain't the one going round killing everyone, lets be reasonable you cant all live forever because that would mean I’d be stuck with just six billion different humans to watch until they eventually killed each other off. I couldn’t make them able to procreate so all that would be out the window. So there are down sides to it. If immortals could reproduce then they would just grow and grow in numbers. Natural death is a necessity, I know you can die along the way sometimes but so can anything else I created so you got just as much chance as any other thing on the planet, if not more, after all you are at the top of your so called “food chain”. But all that aside there is one thing that is the cause of all this blame, you are all constantly passing the buck! And in your eyes the buck stops with me. In a way it does. I did create little Adam and Eve; they were a joy, especially when I cast them out of Paradise. They were inventive. But I don’t create you all individually; I only did that with Jesus (sorry my Judean brothers, my forgiveness in most humans is infinite though) that’s why you can reproduce!! Of course I am all knowing and all but that isn’t my fault. I do help you out subtly, if I would come down there all the time performing miracles then every human would spend there life in line for their turn. Sorry, I am a strong believer in not spoiling your children, which any sensible adult knows and would agree with. But I do give you some “modified” humans whom I have tweaked a little, most of these tend to die before all they can accomplish is done but I send them anyway so there stories can live on, or in the case of “modern” times, their actions on film. Its all there, you just have to look for it. “If you do things right, no one will know you did anything at all.” That is a quote from one of your representations of me that I seen on one of your television shows, I wont tell you which but suffice to say it holds true in my case. I watch and I know, that is what I do. You are all maturing as a collective now, although sometimes it does not seem that way, and I think its time for you to accept your share of the blame i.e. all of it. I will always help you here and there but you have to sort out your own problems. You don’t wage war over Me; you wage war over land, money, oil, people and drugs. News Flash kids, it was not an accident that certain things have certain affects on your bodies, you got the alcohol thing, maybe a little too much but that’s by the by. You need to take control of your own destiny, I’m not sat up here writing your future it just comes to me and then I know. If it weren’t for me then none of you would be here, a little recognition in that fact would not go amiss. It’s all about compromise, go with this, and go without that. Everyone has to do it but moan endlessly about it. For crying out loud your only there for a short time why do you bother with all this moaning and anger, trust me if I got to live on earth for a human lifespan, I’d be having a party and a half and would want as many people to join me as I could!!!!!!! Forgive me, it’s a good job you cant hear me saying this, your heads would have probably popped! Oh mercy…the point is, compromise. The sooner you all learn how to do it with yourselves and others then you’ll be right on track.

I hope that this has in some way helped you all. I do get attached to you, you know. But everything must come to an end, just like this message. I am sending it to this site via the celestial broadband connection that I have plugged into My throne. I chose this site because of its name. I am in essence a flaneur, I watch society constantly, it is the source of my amusement. If you think that that is cruel then you should ask yourself what you would do if you had ALL of time to pass. That’s right you would do everything. And that’s what I intend to do.

I love you all