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Teri T., New York flâneuse

We at the Flâneur were delighted to correspond with Teri T., New York flâneuse, who has kindly featured us on her web-log in mid August this year:

Greetings, friends, fabulists and fellow far-flung flâneurs!

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves this fine Monday. Some of you in the western zones may still be asleep.

If you have been reading WOTBA of late, you know that the site has started to receive serious attention. The influential Manhattan User's Guide in October described the site as their favorite pastime, and last month The New York Times added WOTBA to their City Room Blogroll.

I am more than happy to write as much as I can every day, but I think the website would be ten times more fabulous if it included guest walks from around the globe.

This is where you all come in - flaneurs of Dublin and Madrid, Iasi in Romania, Vancouver, the northern reaches of Manhattan, Los Angeles, Liverpool (the Culture of Capital or the Capital of Culture, I forget which, in 2008), Athens (the one in Georgia, USA), and Santiago, Chile.

I warmly welcome each of you the opportunity to author a guest walk for WOTBA, using your own name in its entirety or abbreviated or pen name, whatever rocks your boat. You could take pictures or make illustrations for your walk. Maybe you have a favorite street you would like to share with WOTBA's global audience. I have no money to pay you at this point in time. It would be all for fun and glory. I will serve as the gentle editor for your post.

Feel free to share this call for contributors with others you deem worthy and have them contact me at this address.

I operate on a whimsical schedule, so I would not hold anyone to a strict deadline.

Please write soon.

Thank you all for everything.

writer, flâneuse

Message Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Subject: Fan letter from a NYC Flaneur

Dear The Flâneur,

I send you sororal greetings! While strolling the gentle back streets of the internet, I stumbled across your site. I am thrilled to find kindred souls. You may (or may not) find my own new effort, Walking Off the Big Apple, an online flâneur journal of New York City, to be of interest.

I look forward to returning to The Flâneur again and again.

Thanks so much for sharing your genius with the world, and for so little money.

Sincerely, Teri T.

Message Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Subject: Re: fan letter from a NYC Flaneur

My dear Madam,

Many thanks for your charming letter. It is always a delight to hear from a like minded spirit! I have perused your weblog - it is exactly the kind of thing we take pleasure in reading.

We would, with your permission of course, very much like to make a link to your site on ours.

We are of course most gratified to hear that you enjoy our site. It is, as you quite rightly point out, done on a very thin shoe string. Never understood money. Understand bits of plastic even less.

As you might have seen from the clustermap at the bottom of the first page, we have quite a wide readership, especially in Europe and the USA, but also Brazil and elsewhere.

I have to tell you at this point that you have walked into a fiendish trap.

As the first New Yorker to actually contact us, you are now, whether you like it or not, chair of the New York branch of La Societe des Flaneurs sans Frontieres (or SFSF, just to confuse anyone trying to contact French railways through a search engine).

This entitles you to some calling cards (which we will send should you care to furnish us with an address), and the inalienable right to drink absinthe and champagne in excess wherever and whensoe'er the mood takes you. If challenged, just say that it is the privilege of your office.

We look forward to further correspondence.

de Vouvray

To: The Flâneur
Sent: Tuesday, August 15 2007

Dear M. de Vouvray,

Your response is a dream come true. Your name is my favorite vintage. I accept your offer of the chair of the New York chapter of SFSF with the fullest bow of a Texas debutante (these are the deepest bows in all of North America) and a re-freshened flute of champagne.

I have in the works my own paean to your pages and meditations upon our noble heritage, complete with a link to you. Considering my new responsibilities, I plan to make the link, when it appears, a permanent one. Please, by all means, I grant permission to include such a link to your site.

Though I have read some of the membership requirements on La Flaneur, please let me know of any charter details, secret handshakes, membership duties, champagne suggestions, or whatever else I need in order to maintain the chapter in good standing. I hope soon to master the keyboard shortcut for the French circumflex.

Teri T.