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Labour Councillors, Joe Anderson, Paul Brant and Steve Munby have sent an open letter to the Leader and Acting Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council calling on them to take urgent steps to save Liverpool’s Parr Street studios and associated businesses at 33/45 Parr Street. The call follows the shock notice today from the owners, Hit and Run, to all tenants advising them to quit the building by July 31st.

The councillors have also tabled a motion for tomorrow night’s Waterfront Neighbourhood Committee and the July Council meeting calling on the Council to find £250,000 to enable a consortium of tenants and local businesses to acquire the building from Hit and Run.

Councillor Joe Anderson said “Two decades of music history are wrapped up in the studios. It’s not just Liverpool’s history: music fans all over the world identify with it.”

Councillor Paul Brant said ”As ward councillors we know the level of support for keeping the building open. We’ve been buried in letters and e-mails from residents and local businesses. Support for Parr Street stretches across the social, political and business spectrum.”

Councillor Steve Munby added “How can we go forward to European Capital of Culture if we lose this? The Council has a moral duty and a businesses and cultural incentive to protect Parr Street. Genesis and Hit and Run have been playing cat and mouse with the tenants, Liverpool and music fans. The consortium of tenants and local businesses has spent all year negotiating with them to buy the businesses for a price agreed back in January. Now they’ve jacked the price up to £1.6 million and issued eviction notices to the tenants. We need to call their bluff. The Capital of Culture Company spent around a quarter of a million on a one-off event at the Royal Court. Surely they can find the same amount to save the Parr Street studio?”

Local MP, Louise Ellman is supporting the campaign to protect the studios and 33/45 Parr Street and said today “It’s vital that every effort is made to protect the Studios and associated businesses. The Council has a duty to act.”
For further information ring Councillor Steve Munby on 0776 967 8749

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