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A Flâneur's Day in Liverpool

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William Roscoe

Again, The Flâneur regrets the passing of a great spirit, Ken Campbell. See for a fine eulogy and celebration of a life lived weirdly, wonderfully and well.

The Flâneur notes the recent departure of the late, great George Melly. A few of us drawn from Liverpool's Flâneurial and Burlesque circles drank far too much to his memory that night in the Brunswick - not in any woeful mood (we would not insult his ghost with such tastelessness), more by way of wishing him bon voyage into the Surrealist beyond.

In the meantime, Liverpool Confidential publishes some cracking anecdotes about the old dog, see . And if you are watching, George, ceci n'est pas un verre d'absinthe.

Click here for Angie Sammons obituary of Tony Wilson, Manchester's great mover and shaker.

Let us give a grand HUZZAH!!! for Spice City, 18 Stanley Street, 0151 236 3456. Absolutely spiffing!