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Answers to the 2007 Fairpak International Calendrical quiz.


1: South.
2: £20,000.
3: Jonathan Swift.


1: St Valentine.
2: John Coltrane and Nina Simone.


1: A - Hannibal Barca.
B - Erwin Rommel.
2: North Africa.
3: The elephant.
4: 'Mammut the Elephant' (a captured British AEC 'Dorchester' mobile armoured command vehicle).
5: Lack of resources.
6: Poison.


1: A - Emile Zola.
B - Karl Marx.
2: A - Germinal.
B - The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoléon.
3: The French Revolutionary Calendar.
4: Germinal concerned the life of French coal miners, and Zola died from carbon monoxide fumes from his coal burning fire by someone who had blocked his chimney.
5: Charles Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (Napoléon III).
6: A - Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck (Ist Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen).
B - He has just defeated and captured Napoleon III at the battle of Sedan.


1: Yam.
2: Chaos.
3: Poseidon.
4: Satan (some speculate).
5: El or Baal.
6: Silk Road.
7: Horses from Ferghana.
8: To aid in his disputes against the Xiong Nu nomadic tribes to the north.
9: Sogdia.
10: Parthia.
11: The chair.
12: Isfahan.
13: Polo.
14: Sorkaktani.
15: The Yuan.
16: Kublai.
17: Temujin.
18: Zheng He.
19: Papaver somniferum.
20: Rheum rhabarbarum/Rhubarb. The Chinese, without realising that rhubarb had already been cultivated in the UK, still assumed that it could only be found in China. Therefore, when the Opium Wars commenced, they thought that as the British were clearly such lovers of opium, should they be deprived of the laxative effects of rhubarb, the interlopers would obviously die in paroxysms of constipation.
21: Sven Hedin.
22: Bactrian Camels.
23: The Camp of Death.
24: The Nanking (Nanjing) Automobile Group.


A: Kim Philby.
B: Anthony Blunt.
C: Christine Keeler.
D: Mandy Rice-Davies.
E: Stella Rimington.
F: Cambridge University Crest/Coat of Arms.
G: Harry Lime. Vienna.


1: Rene Lacoste.
2: It was resultant from a bet at a tennis match: the prize was an alligator suitcase (which the French referred to as 'Le Crocodile').
3: Jim Clark.
4: Gerard 'Jabby' Crombac.
5: Yvette Horner.
6: She accompanied the cyclists on the Tour de France playing her accordion during the fifties and sixties.


1: Trajan's Column.
2: Gaius Tacitus.
3: The victorious Parthians executed him by pouring molten gold down his throat following the Roman defeat at the battle of Carrhae.
4: Actium.
6: Agrippa was the commander of Octavian's victorious fleet at the battle of Actium: he built the original Pantheon.
7: Arminius/Herman the Cheruscan (aka: Herman the German).


1: Émilie du Châtelet.
2: Mary Seacole.
3: Rosa Luxemburg.
4: Lisa Meitner.
5: Rosalind Franklin.
6: Phoolan Devi.
7: Lee Miller.


A: Mahatma Ghandi.
B: Richard III.
C: Patti Labelle.
D: Groucho Marx.
E: Sigourney Weaver.
F: Desmond Tutu.
G: Vladimir Putin.
H: Juan Peron.
I: Harold Pinter.
J: Luciano Pavarotti.
K: Margaret Thatcher.
L: Dwight Eisenhower.
M: Nana Mouskouri.
N: Arthur Miller.
O: Lee Harvey Oswald.
P: Chuck Berry.
Q: Catherine Deneuve.
R: Christopher Wren.
S: Pablo Picasso.
T: Alfred Nobel.
U: James Cook.
V: Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.
W: Doris Lessing.
X: Leon Trotsky.
Y: Francis Bacon.

1: The odd ones out are Patti Labelle and Leon Trotsky (according to the Julian calendar, as used by the Russians).
2: All the others were born in October.


1: Compiègne Forest.
2: Sir Edwin Lutyens. The Cenotaph (London).
3: Four years.


1: Fugu.
2: Artemis.
3: Issigonis.
4: Rackham.
5: P2.
6: Alabama Three.
7: Kathmandu.

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