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My dearest devotees of Fairpak,

It is with the greatest regret that I must inform you that Riddle has been detained by those most diligent and tenacious of preservers of law and order in our great land: Strathclyde Police Force. It would appear that he has been found in possession of a number of firearms of dubious origin: Lugers, Mausers, 303s and the like. Clearly, there has been some error. I have been acquianted with de Quincey for several decades and despite the fact that we have ventured on to the moors with his quite excellent Damascus barreled Purdey 12 bores in pursuit of the odd grouse or two on his estate adjacent to Blair Atholl, I have yet to see anything more threatening that the MK 1 Tiger tank on his premises: which, I should add, he keeps securely garaged solely in the event of emergencies. To this end we have decided to institute a bail fund to secure his release in order that he may once again return to the fold to challenge us with his immense intellect. All contributions will of course be treated in the strictest confidence. Enough said then. Suffice to say, this has placed one in something of a predicament. Should Quince fail to be liberated, it will fall upon myself to conduct the affairs of the Fairpak International Quiz throughout 2008. This naturally will seriously circumscribe my plans for the year, not to mention those of my submariner and motor racing brothers in arms. This would, as you will understand, be quite intolerable!

However, needs must at present, so off we go with the February round of the quiz.


Fairpak International Calendrical Quiz 2008 February Round.

From thesps in January to 'business' in February!

"Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class".

1 Who said this? (10 points).

2 What infamous connection does this individual have with the month of February? (10 points).

As usual, 'Fastest Finger' gains an extra point.

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