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My dearest chaps, chapesses, Flans and Fairpakists alike,

Just when you thought it safe to sit down in front of your Babbage-like, computing contraption, we are back again to torment you for yet another annum. The decision to inflict a further year of unmitigated but exquisite torture upon you all was not taken lightly, I can assure you. Nevertheless, it is with great pleasure, and not a little trepidation, that the board of Fairpak International hereby announce the launch of the 2008 Fairpak International Calendrical Quiz.

Before we commence, however, there are one or two items of note which ought to be raised. I, therefore, hand you over to Sir Henry himself to conduct the remainder of the proceedings.

Rt Hon Quincey Riddle.

My dear Flâneurs,

May I say, first of all, what a thoroughgoing delight it was to have duelled with you in 2007. As you are well aware, participation last year took the board entirely by surprise. Indeed, following a pilot quiz in December of 2006 to test the water (prize: a copy of Ambrose Bierce's 'Devil's Dictionary'), we were encouraged to go ahead with all guns blazing in 2007. Little did we suspect how matters would develop! One hesitates to suggest that the Calendrical Quiz may have become akin to a drug addiction for some: our telephone lines have been ringing constantly since the publication of the 2007 December round with messages cajoling us (not to mention the odd death threat) to carry on quizzing throughout 2008. So, here we are then.

Now, before we start the ball rolling, one has a couple of announcements to make. Firstly, May I offer my most sincere congratulations to the joint winners of the 2007 Fairpak International Calendrical Quiz. Yes, joint winners! Despite the 'Fastest Finger' tie-break device employed by us, in addition to which, the 2007 quiz consisted of no fewer than a grand total of some 109 questions, still two devotees managed to come out on top with exactly the same score. Hearty congratulations are therefore due to both Lady Callista Ricardo-Coutts and Wing Commander Oakhurst. Well done indeed, your diligence, knowledge and expert research skills paid off in the end. It should be added that Fairpak International does not stint on its prizes: both were recipients of a bottle of 'The House of Vlad's Pure Premium Extra Vintage Putonium 210 Tea Flavoured Vodka' and a copy of Quincey's most excellent rant: 'The Great Dessert Raid of 1882: A Frog in the Hall of Distortions'. In addition, and has been previously mentioned, in 2007, we became somewhat carried away, this year however, a restraining order has been put on the team. For 2008, we will be imposing only one question per month upon participants, although there may be one or two minor extras, and naturally, the fastest finger rule will still apply. Incidentally, full answers to the 2007 quiz can be found here.

So, without further ado, on with the game. Happy hunting and a prosperous New Year to you all.


To January...