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Who is this quite brilliant professional? An Australian who set up home in Brighton, UK? 10 points.

A multiple award winning thespian whose birthplace has associations with Sir Walter Scott and has starred on celluloid in the following roles:

1: As an English monarch (twice). Two points (one for each flick).
2: As romantically associated with a psychopathic murderer in Italy.
3: As someone with a sixth sense.
4: As an Elf. Two points (one for each flick).
5: As a WWII spy in France.
6: As an Irish journalist.
7: As a famous American who once starred alongside Humphrey Bogart in a tale set in Africa.
8: As a British secondary school art teacher who becomes sexually compromised.
9: As a world renowned American folk/pop idol.

One point for naming the individual's birthplace and one point for naming each film, with the exception of questions 1 and 4 (two points per question: one for each film).

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