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Now back with the fold again. Phew! Twas touch and go for a while, I can tell you! But von Dickswill came up trumps in the end with copious deliveries of balsawood and matchsticks, thus facilitating a late night excursion over the Alps to that fair town of Zürich. Not sure entirely how he pulled it all off but he obviously has a finger or two in the odd pie. Took an age for us to piece together the 'Kraft', however, once done, the kite flew like an angel. Came as something of a shame to ditch her up in the lions' enclosure at the Zürich zoo, nevertheless, we were soon surrounded by a coterie of chaps in white socks, lederhosen and brandishing trumpet-like thingies: what a relief!

Fairpak July 2008.

What significance do these references have to the month of July 39 years ago?

1. CM-107.
2. SM-107.
3. LM-5.



6. Instead of simply leaving it with saying "The _ _ _ _ _ has landed", what unforgivable linguistic cock up did an American descendent of a Scots family spew out on this most memorable of moments?

Usual rules apply.


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