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June Fairpak.

My esteemed Flans,

It is with some relief and considerable pleasure to be back amongst the fold: treading upon the dewy grass of our green and pleasant land once again.

As publicised recently on The Flâneur's front page, I have been detained on matters of international import of late. Having received, in the latter part of May, an invitation from the Kaiser to accompany himself and his entourage on an inspection of the troops at Augustdorf in that fair land commonly referred to as Prussia. My initial reaction was one of surprise and suspicion. However, being a somewhat distant relative of Willy's, not to mention also being a great lover of that incalculable addition to world cuisine: the famed bratwurst (accompanied by pommes mit mayo, sauerkraut and a Bavarian brass band), how could one have spurned such an opportunity? In actual fact, the very best bratwurst to be found in Prussia may be sampled at the world renowned 'Rudolf's Grill' in the pleasant county town of Detmold, a mere stone's throw from Augustdorf itself. It additionally goes without saying that such a venture would also provide an ideal opportunity to observe the preparedness of the Bosch for conflict with our glorious Empire. And so, to the lion's den. Duty called.

Upon arrival, and after much clicking of heels, we all went down to the Teutoburger forest to see the chaps being put through their paces. I must say that they all appeared to be jolly impressive in their pointy helmets and brandishing their bayonets. This was followed by much congratulatory back-slapping and some considerable indulgence in what is known in the neighbourhood as Korn: otherwise known as 'German gin' in more civilised parts of the world. Thenceforth, Willy's chuffer conveyed us up to the Krupp dockyard at Kiel to observe the construction of a number of these U-Boat thingies. It was here that I had the opportunity of meeting Commander Baron Otto von Dickswill along with his delightful wife Angelika von Schlutter and the baron's batman, Lt Fritz Flabstein. Little did I appreciate the significance of this encounter at the time, but serendipity is such a casually random and enchanting spirit, don't you think? However, more of this will be revealed later in the July edition of Fairpak 2008.

A rare portrait of Commander Baron von Dickswill taken on the day of his return from a u-boat recce to Scapa Flow. Having been invited to a peasant shoot by the Kaiser on the same day, he has simply thrown on his hunting jacket, however, unfortunately he lacked sufficient time to visit his coiffeur. It wasn't really something that concerned him muchly as Willy more often than not made special dispensations when it came to naval coves and the like.

But enough of this tale of intrigue and international espionage for now, the concluding episode will accompany the July edition of Fairpak 2008. So, on with the quiz. By mere happenstance, the George Street crew appear to have been quite in tune with developments on the continent, and come up with a challenge to match up with my foreign adventures.

I do however feel it incumbent upon myself to apologise to those avid participants of the 2007 Fairpak International Challenge for including a character who has featured previously. This has occurred resulting from conditions imposed by the commandant of my temporary residence in Schloss Coldiz.

Q1: Who is this a representation of? Latin or English name acceptable.
Q2: Which country is he facing?
Q3: Why did he find British Royal Air Force fighter pilots somewhat irksome?

Q4: Who is this a representation of?
Q5: How did he die?
Q6: Who is his face modeled on?

Usual rules apply: 10 points for every answer, plus of course 1 point for Fastest Finger.

Happy hunting.


To July...