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In an extraordinary rendition operation carried out this evening (29th February 2008), Riddle has now been returned to the fold in order to avail us of his inestimable genius. Clearly, details of the escapade are classified, suffice to say, a considerable debt of gratitude is owed to the American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, (a fully paid up fan of the Fairpak International Calendrical Quiz since its inception). Without further ado then, I hand you over to the kingpin of our multinational syndicate.


Ladies and gentlemen,

It is truly difficult to express how thankful I am to Imam Bush for having organised my liberation from enforced confinement by someone I am not at liberty to remember (in the famed Sufi Mosque of Mahan). Whilst still addled by opium plied upon one by the resident mullah, one feels duty bound to plough on with the quiz though.

Being March, I suppose that many aficionados of military matters may be expecting Fairpak to be maintaining the tradition established last year. However, March is a month of many facets. This year we have but two questions.

Question one.

What links the following?

King Jamshid.
The Persian and Turkic peoples of Iran and Central Asia.
The Vernal Equinox.
The painting below:

The answer must be written in Farsi to be awarded with the full 10 points. Should it be written in English, only half marks will be forthcoming.

Question two.

According to,

who said this to whom traditionally during the month of March?

"O Majesty, on this feast of the Equinox, first day of the first month of the year, seeing that thou hast freely chosen God and the Faith of the Ancient ones; may Surush, the Angel-messenger, grant thee wisdom and insight and sagacity in thy affairs. Live long in praise, be happy and fortunate upon thy golden throne, drink immortality from the Cup of Jamshid; and keep in solemn trust the customs of our ancestors, their noble aspirations, fair gestes and the exercise of justice and righteousness. May thy soul flourish; may thy youth be as the new-grown grain; may thy horse be puissant, victorious; thy sword bright and deadly against foes; thy hawk swift against its prey; thy every act straight as the arrow's shaft. Go forth from thy rich throne, conquer new lands. Honour the craftsman and the sage in equal degree; disdain the acquisition of wealth. May thy house prosper and thy life be long!"

Five marks for who, and another five for whom.
As usual, tie-break point for fastest finger.

Happy hunting,


To April...