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Maybe, or, may not be.

Flans, it's May!

Glory days! Sir Henry is still off buggering around with his naval chums! Went on an inspection of his boat the other day at Faslane. These chaps are a bunch of criminals if you ask me, you should see the state of their bunks, out-bloody-rageous!

But, to cut to the chase, Fairpak has had a number of complaints recently concerning the possibility of a dumbing-down strategy employed by the George Street team. Never has this been further from our minds. To prove this, we have set a challenge this month that ought to be quite beyond the reach of Wikipedia and the like.

Q1: 10 pts.
Q2: 20 pts.
Q3: 20 pts.

Apart from that, the usual rules etc apply.

Happy hunting,


1: Translate this into English.


Born one hundred and one years prior to the abovementioned occasion, I believe we all recognise this individual. However, by what moniker did His wife, Jenny von Westfalen, and his children know him by?

Here's a hint: THE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

3: Who said this of whom?

"If he had died in the fifties, he would have been regarded as a god. If he had died in the sixties the world would have viewed him as a very great man indeed. Alas, he died in the seventies, what can one say?"

To June...