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Janus: the value of your investment may go both up and down.

Which sea links the author of the above work with the eminent satirist illustrated below? (One word: 3pts) Clue: the author said afterwards, "I can calculate the the movements of the stars, but not the madness of men!" How much did he lose? (one number: 1.5 pts).

The final 1.5 pts go to those who identify the chap in the wig (one word). Thus totalling 6 points in the fairpak 2007 surprise bonus lottery extra adventure.

Winners of the 2006 prize received a pristine hardback copy of Ambrose Bierce's 'Devil's Dictionary'. Who knows what awaits in 2007? It should be pointed out at this stage that all participants are hooked into a twelve month programme of excruciating codswallop, during which they may despose of their three lowest scores at the end of the year. Should a conflict of victors emerge, there will be a sabre duel. If all else fails, I will probably shoot myself. By the way: fastest finger receives an extra "GOLDEN" point!

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