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The month during which we bask in the sun, drink too much wine and celebrate the storming of the Bastille.

Not only that, but 'sport' is no longer spelled: F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L (or is it le soccer? Never can quite remember). News on the grapevine has it though that certain sensible types within the French political establishment are seriously considering reconstruction of their famed penitentiary of yore in order to stage high profile Franco-German events of this modern opium of the masses within its precincts: the matches to be played out in the exercise yard whilst the spectators look on from the cell windows. Should matters become out of hand, a veil may be drawn over the windows, and the remainder of the duel may be watched on that other altarpiece of the species: television. Perhaps indeed it has taken us thus long to find an appropriate purpose for the Revolution; after all, so many wished to gain entry to said gaol when only a grand total of seven happened to be incarcerated there on that infamous 14th of July 1789. 'Long live the Emperor!'

However, one digresses. Let us then, without further ado, sally forth awhile into the world of sports which frequently grace our screens during the month of July, and at the same time hopefully maintain a discreetly amphibian flavour.

1 Name the French sportsman who links both of the above emblems (full name necessary).

2 How did the crocodile come to be associated with the Lacoste brand?

'The Auld Alliance'.

Towards the end of his life, this renowned Scottish sheep farmer (illustrated above) began a new life in the Gallic capital: sharing his flat with an eminent French Swiss sports scribbler (see below).

3 Name the 'Flying Farmer'.

4 Name the jolly gent in the flat cap and specs.

5 From what was the chap driving the very fast car seeking refuge by taking up residence in Paris?

An institution within an institution.

One of the world's most arduous sporting events takes place throughout the month of July. In the illustration below, we can observe the victor receiving his prize. One is tempted to ask precisely what he is whispering to her, but, more importantly:

6 Who is she?

7 What role did she play in connection with the event?

Good luck to you all. One point for numbers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Two points for numbers 2 and 7. NB: the full name is necessary for number 1. As usual, one extra point for fastest finger.

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