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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has not escaped one's notice that during one's quite unavoidable absence from the fray with Sir Jock in the High Altai, certain individuals on the team have altogether exceeded their remit. It, therefore, falls upon oneself to categorically assure all subscribers to the 'Great Fairpak Master-Plan' that the offenders have been appropriately dealt with.

This having been said, certain questions remain unanswered.

How was it, for example, that Sir Jock and I were robbed, yes robbed, of no fewer than seven Amur Tiger pelts that we had bagged whilst descending from Tuva to the Gobi? Clearly, this is nothing short of an outrageous scandal! Indeed. It goes without saying that our very best professionals in the security forces are burning as much midnight oil as our beloved country can afford in order to locate the treacherous perpetrators of this appalling crime.

To assist HMG in this endeavour, formally requests the public to identify the following individuals who were observed in the neighbourhood of the event in question. Should anyone happen upon the below illustrated characters, it goes without saying that they are scoundrels, and ought to be approached with the utmost caution as they are doubtless armed and extremely dangerous!







HMG is particularly keen to ascertain the identity, and locale, of the gentlman on the right in the photograph below illustrated in order to facilitate their enquiries.


(Usual stuff: one point each for naming and shaming A, B, C, D and E. Two extra points for identifying G , and which city this picture was apparently taken in. Finally: F, what is this mystical device? Oh, almost forgot: fastest finger gains the extra point).

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