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(For yes, tis that time again).

One's most beloved Flans.

How quite wonderfully those words resound! Music to the ears no less. Sir Henry is now safely back in amongst the fold, you will be delighted to hear. Despite the fact that he bears a somewhat pallid pallor, due to his rather extensive, nae: intensive, time with his old coves from the RN beneath the North Atlantic, he has returned to us all in something of a jolly humour. Well, that's sailors for you. Although he has been slightly critical of the apparently fiendish 'October round of The Fairpak International Quiz Round', he has yet to execute any member of staff. In any event, we are now under strict instructions not to overly tax the general public. Therefore, what follows is, as they say in the lingua franka: bloody simple. As we thought the last round was also until the leader of the pack began phoning up in the middle of the night protesting that she was intent upon blowing her brains out in a darkened room if further clues were not supplied! Is this all getting out of hand, one ponders? In any case, down to business.

Q1. Where was this photograph taken?

Q2. Who designed this monument and what pray tell is it?

Q3. For how many years had Big Ben remained silent prior to the unveiling of the above architectural block?

Happy hunting chap and chapesses. As usual: one point each plus 'Fastest Finger'.

The Answers

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