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Do you have a yen to travel with dash, panache, and full Surrealist credentials? Then the Laboratory of Experimental Tourism (Latourex), brainchild of Joel Henry, is just what you have been searching your sock-drawer for all these years.

see (French or English available)

also les parleurs de Francais seulement)

Travel is not a mere matter of moving one's body geographically from one location to another. Some of the greatest travelling involves other kinds of journey to other kinds of destination - as the mind may wander to other times and even other 'realities', lubricated of course by absinthe (or more mysterious chemical assistance).
See for secrets, conspiracies, Templars and mysteries to stimulate the most jaded palate.
See also - weblog of a lady 'from another place' entirely, and a 'portal' to more parallel universes than you can shake a martini at.

And for the more subterranean-minded...

** Manhole covers hide secret Moscow ** The BBC's Nigel Wrench joins Moscow 'diggers' - people who explore the tunnels beneath the streets.